Where is Troncones?
Troncones is on the Pacific coast of Mexico, approximately 30km from Zihuatanejo and 35 minutes drive from the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International Airport.

Do we need a special connection for electric devices?
No, if you are Canadian or American – 110V. Yes, for Europeans.

Do you have wireless internet?
Yes we have WiFi outside and inside of all houses of The Tropic compound.

Are credit cards accepted in Troncones?
Few restaurants accept it, but no grocery stores or boutiques. There is no ATM in Troncones, you have to go to Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo. Remember there is a ATM at the airport, very useful when you arrive.

Can we buy groceries in Troncones?
You can find several grocery/ fruits and vegetables/beer stores in the village. The fruits and vegetables truck passes in front of The Tropic 4 times a week. Every morning from 8 to 10, you can buy fresh fish and shrimps on Main Street of Troncones. On your way from the Airport, we suggest you stop at Comercial Mexicana or La Bodera, in Zihuatanejo, large, modern supermarkets.

Is the water safe to drink?
You should drink only bottled water. In each kitchen you also have a 5 gallon bottle of filtered water.

Are pets accepted?
Please ask for permission prior to your arrival.

What to do in Troncones?
Horseback Riding is available from several groups on the beach or you can call Octavio at 103 00 04 or cell: 044 (755) 128 82 48.
Kayak Tours are available through Alejandro Rodriguez (bilingual). Reservation: 044 (755) 556 36 16
Surf lessons, Bike and Surfboard rentals: Tsunami Surf, contact Mike Linn 103 00 18 – surf@isamexico.com


We have a catholic church, mass every Sunday at 7 am.
We have a Clinic with a doctor and a nurse, opened every day from 8am to 4pm. There is also a pharmacy on the main street of the village.